SEO Audit 🍩

Website status:

  • SEO specialists find out if internal SEO optimization has been performed.
  • How many web pages of website are displayed on a search engine?
  • Is there no duplication of website content?
  • Is the content on the website easy to read?
  • Quality of information provided on the website, benefits to the user.
  • Website text lengths, do they meet the norms?
  • Page structure analysis. Is the url search engine friendly?
  • Are the page titles and meta-descriptions written correctly?
  • How many links included on the page? Isn’t that too much?
  • Website load time.
  • Visual look of the page. Is the information presented correctly?
  • Analysis of graphic objects. Size, descriptions.


Website visitor analysis:

  • Where from do visitors come to the website?
  • Analysis of links to the website.
  • Analysis of website pages by traffic.
  • Bounce rate.


Keyword search:

  • Analysis of the services you provide or the goods you sell.
  • Sales and customer service system analysis. How does your business work, how do you serve customers, how do customers search for products?
  • Search engine analysis
  • Group keywords by competition, number of queries, business relevance, and availability.


SEO services for Google search engine. Increase the flow of targeted visitors.



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